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Misting Systems

With full range of accessories

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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

With full range of accessories

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Hydrostatic Testers

With full range of accessories

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Chemical Sprayers

With full range of accessories

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Concrete Curing

With full range of accessories

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Parts & Accessoriess

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Industrial Vacuum CleanersWith full range of accessories
Chlorine SprayersWith full range of accessories
Misting Systems & Odour NeutralisersWith full range of accessories
Caustic Soda SprayersWith ull range of parts & accessories
Hydrostatic TestersFull range of accessories included
Concrete Sealing/CuringWith full range of accessories
ChemicalsFull range of chemicals
Parts & AccessoriesFull range of parts & accessories



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Adam RamlawiA RefinEquip customer using our machines for their cutting edge performance and reliability to help expand and grow his business over the past 20 years. See what Adam has to say about our Machines and services.
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Kevin BarryFamily business partners since 1982. Since then Kevin has been personally doing business with Colussi Group of Companies, continuing the partnership to this day. He finds the knowledge and expertise he receives from our services to be invaluable.
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Joe SharafBranch Manager at CleanAway Sydney has been using RefinEquip Misting systems to destroy odours produced waist during the transfer process. Our machines have provided his team cutting edge performance and reliability.
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Elie WehbeA RefinEquip customer using our range of Vacuum Cleaners and accessories for over a decade. He finds the performance and reliability of our machines to be of the highest quality and RefinEquip's service team an invaluable asset to his business.
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Step By Step Video Guides

We are dedicated to providing you with the industries best customer support and service. Our step by step Video Guides are here to help you learn the basics of repairing and properly maintaining your machine when you need it.

popular products

Italian Engineering

Expertly designed using European engineering techniques and high quality materials.

All RefinEquip machines have a compact and elegant design that ensures quality performance time and time again.

Manufacturers Warranty

Not only are our Machines built to last, all RefinEquip machines are supplied with a full two year manufacturers warranty for insurance and peace of mind.

Product Servicing

RefinEquip is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality servicing and repairs to insure your unit continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Colussi Group of Companies

Colussi Group of Companies is here to provide you with the industries best machines and high pressure pumps on the market. 

Colussi Engineering, Nova Pumps and RefinEquip are here to provide you with the highest quality products and servicing in Australia. We guarantee our service will provide you with the professional knowledge and expertise to give you full confidence and satisfaction in our machines. 

The High Pressure Pump Specialists

At Colussi Engineering you will find our full range of high pressure machinery. Built on sight at our facility in Sydney, expertly crafted for quality and performance on the market. With decades of experience, we guarantee our customer's satisfaction in our products as it provides consistent performance day after day.

Visite our website via the link below to see our full range of products.

Chemical Spray Pumps

The Nova Pump is an Australian made, high pressure, spray pump. Built to withstand harsh and aggressive chemicals, it is extremely reliable in a demanding environment.With decades of experience the Nova Pump is a hard working, durable pump that provides consistent performance day after day, spray after spray.

Manufactured from high quality bronze, the Nova Pump's compact and simple design ensures a safe delivery of a wide range of chemicals through its impeller pump system.

Everything High Pressure

Interpump Australasia was the first manufacturer of pressure washers in Australia back in the late 1970’s. Interpump Australasia’s intent was to produce the best quality product possible, a philosophy that has been used by Colussi Engineering in all its products.

At Interpump Australia, we always commit to the quality of our products. We have concentrated on quality over quantity by pioneered many systems and accessories in the industry and have supported the Interpump brand at the highest of our ability.

Leading Brands

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