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Start-up Guide

For Non Prime & Self Prime Nova Pump models.

Before operating the unit read the following safety instructions. Failure to comply with these warnings may result in serious injury or death. For specific Safety Information relating to the attached engine or motor ensure you read and understand the manual and instructions supplied by the engine or motor manufacturer.


Please read before handling.

  • DO NOT pump flammable or explosive fluids such as gasoline, fuel, oil, kerosene etc.
  • DO NOT use in explosive atmospheres.
  • The pump should be used only with liquids compatible with the pump component materials.
  • Never allow an inadequately trained person to operate the unit.
  • Ensure the unit is not operated in a confined space. It must be used in an area with adequate ventilation.
  • Before the use of any chemicals refer to the chemical manufacturers label and safety instructions for safe handling procedures and correct method of use. Always use the recommended personal protective clothing and safety equipment.
  • Check hoses for weak or worn condition before each use and ensure all connections are tight and secure.
  • Before servicing, drain all liquids from the system and flush.


Fill pump body with water (Nova SP Models Only).


Connect suction hose from pump inlet (marked with arrow) to supply tank outlet. Hose must be of non-collapsible, reinforced construction with a minimum inside diameter of 19mm.


Ensure all suction hose connections are airtight otherwise performance may be affected. Keep suction hose as short as possible and avoid unnecessary bends.


Connect pressure spray hose from pump outlet (marked with arrow) to spray equipment. Ensure all pressure spray hose connections are airtight otherwise performance may be affected.


Connect hose from bypass ball valve to supply tank.


Fill supply tank with spraying liquid. (Nova NP Model only – ensure fluid level in supply tank is above highest point of suction hose).


Open the bypass ball valve completely, run the pump at slow speed and allow the pump to prime itself. (removing air from the system).


The unit is now ready for on-going use. Set the bypass ball valve open halfway, this will ensure the mechanical seal is lubricated at all times.

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